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Advantageous VOIP:

Data transport and delivery in the internet traffic is very highly sophisticated and earnest effort is taken to deliver all the data packets intact from the transmitting end to the receiver without loss and is done almost instantaneous to ensure no packet loss and consequent voice break. Now the VOIP technology is totally reliable, fast and cheaper. Callers feel the comfort of a normal voice call over land line. This technology of establishing voice communication over the internet is called as the VOIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) and Phone Power the American telecom company provides variety of voice and broad band services for customers in US and Canada. Website of this communication company can be accessed on  gives all the details of the services that are offered with features of the services, commercial details – with discounts and offers and also the accessories to be used in each variety of service.

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VOIP and Broadband voice services and the offers on these services

Phone power voice call services are offered through different calling plans. Home phone service – Annual Prepayment of $ 199.95 (monthly price of $ 8.33 average) for the year -1 and the service for second year is absolutely FREE. They make the offer fool proof; 30 day trial money back guarantee is given by the company. Buyers can have a feel of the service before actually using from 31st day.

Other offers: 

• 45+ Features like, Voicemail-to-Email, Do Not Disturb, Speed Dial, Bandwidth Saver, and FAX catcher are offered to customers free of charge.

Similar other plans @ $ 14.95 (24month term), $ 19.95 (Month to month) and $ 24.95 (World Plus) are offered with all the features of 45+ are also offered for all these services

Broad voice services:

There are 7 rate plans available on the broadband services offered by Phone Power. All the plans are UNLIMITED plans meant for, In-State, USA Plus, World unlimited, World Plus, World Premium and Business Unlimited. If one uses the devices of his own there is an n offer on the services. Up to 75 countries are covered.

Phone Power Promo Code:

Having generated a lot of interest in getting the Phone Power service, it is better to enjoy more savings using the latest Phone Power Promo Code that allows huge savings in the form of money and off percentage on the services cost. Also do not fail to avail the Phone Power Coupon Code to get maximum discount on all the voice and Broadband service categories.

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