GoToMeeting is the Standard Online Conferencing platform

Gone are the days when business owners would have to leave their family for the night to attend an hourly long meeting at some remote location, far from your dwelling. Not just this system is a waste of time, spending a night at the famous Hampton Inn to do face to face business made it terribly expensive. With the advent of GoToMeeting, one can easily and cost effectively organize and attend meetings online! GoToMeeting is a web hosted service widely used for conducting online meetings, sharing applications on your desktops with up to 15 people simultaneously and collaborating with remote colleagues through video conferencing. The software has enabled the user to meet with his co-workers, customers and clients through the Internet in real time. With the flexibility to link with people online than in person, one can surely do more work and travel less.

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How to Participate in the GoToMeeting Conference

To participate in the GoToMeeting electronic conference room, one first needs to log onto the site, where you can see the presenter’s screen display. Call into the site either using computer attached mic and headphones or via a standard telephone. In this way, you can become a full participant of the meeting. Further, you will receive a link upon invitation from GoToMeeting; just click it and dial in the information. If you are “calling in” using your headset and microphones, simply select “Use Mic & Speakers” in the Audio section of the GTM control panel; no need to manually dial. On the contrary, use the numbers from the invitation to call, enter access code and input the audio pin in the GMT panel if you tend to use a standard telephone.

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