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“Do you ever realize that more than 15 thousand computer hard-drivers crash each day? A hard drive collapse equates to loss of important, irreplaceable files and hard-coded data. Fires, theft, power surges, flooding are just a few of the common risky aspects that threaten your files. You never know when you might accidentally press the delete button and gone is the data you secured for months and maybe years.”

Founded in 2005, Carbonite is the online solution for backup problems of both home users and small businesses. Carbonite presents you with an affordable, easy-to-use, automatic solution to safeguard your valuable files and data by backing them up safely. This cloud-based technology saves time and money, offers extra protection to your files and most significantly, allows you to access those files from virtually anywhere in the world, easily and quickly. Carbonite is compatible to work with both Mac and Windows operated computer systems. Carbonite, since its year of establishment, has been successful in backing up over 300 billion files and restoring more than 20 billion. The number tends to grow significantly each year!”

Security is another vital and necessitated feature of Carbonite backup service. While your login credential details permit you to access all of your files and data across any number of devices, Carbonite further safeguards the information using 128 bits encryption security protocols. This kind of encryption, also utilized by governments all over the world to protect state secrets, takes cares that outside parties could never be able to access your digital files and sensitive data.

Popular Carbonite coupons and exciting offer codes

Carbonite has revolutionized the backup process by offering unlimited cloud backup on one hand and by giving away their services at low yearly rates, on the other. Carbonite users can enjoy anywhere between 15% and 20% off on their popular file backup plans using Carbonite offer code and coupons, with even a couple of free one year deals available now and then; it will never get any easier than this. Some popular Carbonite Coupon codes:

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Make sure you’re sourcing your offer codes from trustworthy source

When going through the process of applying for Carbonite offer code, do make sure that you’re using reliable and verified coupon services. The truth is that more often is the case when websites providing coupon codes often provide you direct links to Carbonite site, where you would be required to copy and paste the code in order to apply for discounts. This can simply be risky. Some enterprising hackers have created dummy sites resembling Carbonite website, and when you go there to enter your offer code, alongside personal data and payment information, then rather than enjoying the services you actually provide the data to the digital thieves they were looking for. Thus, use a reliable source.

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