Wackiest Ways to Maintain Men's Shoes at Home!

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No two shoe pairs are the same. All men’s shoes are different but caring for them is somewhat similar. You can follow the same tricks to care for men’s shoes if you want them to last longer and stay in good shape for as long as they maximally can. Shoe experts reveal that while men find it more difficult to buy shoes as compared to women; caring for shoes is also as equally hard for them. Moreover, the cost of shoes is also higher, if they don’t use men footwear deals.

The reasons are that men can be a little careless and irresponsible when it comes to maintaining their personal belongings. However, buying good pair of shoes is only the first step. However, before purchasing shoes online, ensure to search shoes footwear deals for maximum discount. If you want to make sure they look picture perfect as many times as you can wear them, you need to have some quick and easy tricks up your sleeve too!

Here are some of the wackiest ways to care for formal and casual shoes for men at home.

1. Polish Leather Shoes Regularly

The key to care for leather shoes is polishing them often. It is mandatory to polish your shoes after you take them off after wearing for a day. However, it is also important to polish leather shoes at least twice a week even if you don’t wear them in order to maintain the shine and quality of leather.

2. Brush and Spray Suede Shoes

Suede shoes should never be polished. Never even use a wet cloth to clean suede. You can brush suede shoes to wipe off all the dirt particles. You can also spray the suede shoes with protective sprays that are readily available on all shoe stores.

3. Use the Newspapers

You can bring the Sunday newspaper to use as well. Use the newspaper to soak up the moisture when your shoes get wet because of water contact. This will protect the texture as well as the color of the shoes from fading.

4. Avoid Using Sponge to Clean Shoes

Sponges should not be used to clean shoes. These sponges often damage the color or result in shoe discoloration. Therefore, using sponge on shoes should be avoided.

5. Try Black Polish on Brown Shoes

If your brown leather shoes have gotten a little too old and are losing their color, you can try using black polish on them. This will give the shoes a renewed rustic look and you will be able to wear them a few more times!

6. Use Shoe Trees

Very few people are aware of what shoe trees are. Shoe trees are tiny shoe sized structures that can be kept inside the leather shoes. This prevents the leather from wrinkling or losing its shape.

It is definitely easier to get lazy and not care for your shoes and harder to actually make the effort to maintain them. However, a little care and attention can actually make men’s shoes last longer and remain in high quality for as long as possible. Following a few easy tricks at home can actually make your shoes last longer and stay in good shape for a long time. And, searching Shoes for crew coupon code helps to enjoy maximum discount.