Which Printers should be used for Photo Paper

Best Printers for Photos
It takes many things to become a pro in photography. As everyone says, photography is an art and it needs time, experience and passion to master in it. Whether you use A3 photo paper or any other, you need to know your job. This means you need to be fully aware of your subject of photography and what all you expect  from your work. Well, for this, a blueprint  before starting the work will work.

A neophyte often carries some vague idea in mind that needs right direction. From the quality of paper to its size, all technical specification will play a key role.

Digital photo printing has evolved in last previous years. Yes, this is true! With each succeeding generation, printers are improving their quality of the paper to the next level. In the year 2000, printers lacked archival permanence in inkjet prints. I am not sure whether the defect lies in the paper or the ink, but one out of two lacked archival qualities. Now, the prints with non-archival ink and printed with non-archival ink lasts up to 10 years. After this, the color of the paper fades, starts cracking and drying out.

Choosing the Right Printer

No matter whether you use A5 photo paper or any other type, considering the printing is imperative. According to my viewpoint, printing at home or sending it to a lab, both works fine. If you intend to use a professional printer, check out the efficient labs near you. On the other hand, if you want to work by yourself in a printer, certain things must be kept in mind.

Inkjet printers cost low in comparison to laser printers, offering a less refined finished page, but at a reasonable cost. But, now this is a thing of past. You can buy any of these printers at affordable prices. Let’s understand more:

Laser Printer and Inkjet Printers

The difference between the two can be seen only the way technologies take the page. The inkjet printers through ink through tiny nozzles present in it that create microscopic dots. In inkjet printers, the uncoated white paper absorbs the ink, which causes bleeding and blurs the edges of the text.

Whereas, laser printers work use high heat to fuse powdered ink paper. The good news is that the printer does not give bleeding effect, as it does not absorb into the paper. The prints that come out from this will be smudge-proof, need no drying time and do not require a specialized paper. However, using an A4 photo paper or any other, laser printer offers sharp and crisp edges that cannot be done by inkjet. However, I would choose inkjet over laser printer for maximum quality prints. It has the capability to produce speedy and crispy prints with solid image and quality.

Printers play a significant role in the quality of photo paper. To select the right printer, you need to know what exactly you are looking for.

Choose the right Paper

To print well, you need the simplest and high-quality paper. Usually, people pay more attention to sending the paper to the efficient labs and choose limited papers. Such labs use specific printers to work with. In addition, the lab might use the paper that you suggest or their own. There are many types of papers available in the market such as matte, silk, gloss, etc., that can match your photography style.


Choosing the brand, however, is not difficult. There are many printer brands available in the market – Epson, Canon, etc. As every printer work differently, so it is important to match your preference with the printer. In case you are confused about the paper’s choice, try using matte paper, as it works well every printer.

If you are an adventurous photographer, exploring different printers and there uses will not be a problem. In fact, experience, skill and passion are the words that describe an individual’s interest in any field. Use A3, A4 or A5 photo paper in the printer that suits your work to make your photography better. Explore your skills and show your best foot front in every area of your work.

Photography shows your talent in a creative way.

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