Facts You Don’t Know About Power Banks

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Using power banks have become a part of lifestyle now with the growth of smartphones. It gave an easy way to charge a phone anytime anywhere. Power banks are portable smartphone chargers available at almost every electronic store with Computer & Hardware deals. Power banks come in handy when your phone runs out of battery. Imagine yourself doing something imperative on your phone like having a call or talking to someone on skype and phone runs out of battery. That is when power banks are the best things for you. They can provide you extra battery, so you don’t have to find a socket for your charger.

Almost everyone today has a power bank with him so he can charge his phone on the spot whenever needed. Maybe you have one yourself at this moment. Although there are things that one needs to know about these devices, if you have already researched about it, that’s great. People who are not aware of some fact and want to know about power banks, here are some facts that they should be aware of power banks.

1. What does the capacity of power bank show?

Not all power banks are the same; they come in different shapes and sizes. The only thing that tells us about the total capacity of a power bank’s battery is the mAh. You can also say that a power bank with more mAh has more energy that the ones with low mAh. You can take the example of iPhone 6 Plus which has a 291 mAh battery if you want to fully charge your phone the best thing to do is buy a power bank which has high mAh using hardware or other related deals.

2. Can every type of power bank charge a laptop?

There are different types of power banks, and they differ from one another. Not every power bank charges a laptop. The reason for this is some power banks only have an USB output of 5V. If you are willing to buy power banks that can charge you laptops too, make sure you but the one with high voltage like 16V or 20V which depends on the specification of your laptop. To see the energy that you need, you can see the adapter for your laptop. Keep in mind that not all power banks that you can find in the market are providing this.

3. What is its lifetime?

Power Banks and smartphones use Lithium-ion, including lithium-polymer batteries which lose their capacity with time (typically between 200 -1000 cycles which depends on the chemical composition and cell quality of battery). You need fewer cycles with a bigger battery.

There are something that you should remember when planning to buy power banks. Some phone charge slower when connected to a PC when compared to charging directly from a power supply. Make sure you have a power bank that supports both AC and PC connections for the USB.

4. Why does some power banks take the time to charge?

As mentioned before there are different types of power banks, there are some of them which can you can only recharge with a USB which solely depends on the capacity of the power bank. There will be times when it will take more than 30 hours to get fully charged you can take the example of a power bank that has 20,000mAh capacity. If you are looking for a power bank that charges faster, the best thing that you can do is buy one that has more voltage than the 5V input. These require getting charged directly from a wall socket or AC chargers.

5. The best way to save energy on power bank and charge my phone faster?

There are times when your phone is downloading new updated which uses more power while on charging. If you are willing to save energy while getting you phone charged from a power bank, keeping your phone on flight mode can be a good idea, this helps to charge the battery cells efficiently while working only with the operating system of the phone and charges your smartphone faster.

Power banks have made lives easy for the people who like to travel and take pictures, and the reason for this is that when they have a power bank with them, they don’t have to worry about their phone's battery. If you have some other facts that you think that people should know about feel free to share them in the comments below. We would love to hear it from you.

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