Ringcentral Coupon – How Phone Service Helps your Business?

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When we are starting our business, we find that communication brings more business. The more we talk with our customers, the more sales we get. Logically, call volume could increase your business. One of the best ways to increase call volume is through getting an 800 number for your business at discount rates from RingCentral with RingCentral promo code. This is the best way that allows your customers to call without any charges and additionally, you can have advantages of more frequent calls by your customers, ultimately increase in sales.

RingCentral is one of the best virtual 800 number services that help small-medium-large sized businesses get an 800 number at an affordable price. RingCentral offers excellent phone service with RingCentral referral code that allows even more savings. It comes with many fabulous features to choose from. Let’s explore the features given below:

Message Alerts- With this feature, you can get message alerts anytime to your email and PDA.

Easy to Read Call Logs - With RingCentral's call logs, users can have easy to read call logs.

Hold Music- Interestingly, it also has prerecorded hold music that can be played during hold time to entertain customers.

Fax by Email- it allows users to send and receive faxes without ever having to use a fax machine.

Voicemail – this option allows recording your company's voicemail greeting. Even, you can also choose RingCentral professional to send a voice mail.

Call Forwarding- This features forwards your call to any phone. With these features, you can have callers directed to your personal phone, home or another phone. Even, an extension set is also available.

Call Screening- These features let you know who it is before you pick up. RingCentral asks your callers their names and contact details.

iPhone Capabilities - RingCentral iPhone app also available to make a call by using 800 number from the iPhone. It allows making business calls on the fly.

RingCentral also offers a free trial for every user to use before purchasing service. You can search RingCentral coupon code from coupon offering site, latestvoucherscodes.com. Being affordable and easy-to-use phone service, RingCentral is a great option for businesses that are looking to add an 800 number to their company.

So, sign up for their free trial and start enjoying RingCentral service with discounted RingCentral coupons.

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