Top 10 Best Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses

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Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
Webinar is used for online seminars and web conferences via an internet connection through broadband. A webinar is referred to an online event that connects people with viewers worldwide. The most significant features of live webinars are people can interactively discuss, send and receive information. During events, people can start polls; invite participants for presentation, and communications using online chats. The participants can share their desktops and other digital materials.


The Key Features of Webinars
• Chatting
• Conferencing
• Desktop sharing
• Download Presentations and Videos
• Conducting Polls and Surveys
Apart from being a just a communication platform for the business entities, webinar also acts as a powerful tool in the business development strategy by attracting potential new clients/customers.
Here are the lists of benefits business owners can avail by using webinars for their business operations.
Benefits of hosting webinars for Business:
Webinar Service Provider for Small & Large Business


1. Helps in developing authority and trust:
Webinar services allow businesses to share their industry expertise and knowledge. Additionally, business organizations can share abilities, skills for delivering products and services. Business organizations get to add the human touch attracting more audiences, potential customers.
2. Creating business relationships:
Business organizations reach out to a wide range of audiences interested in different niches. Using webinar service provider, business organizations can post in-depth information on their prospects. Additionally, these Companies create the commercial break lasting for 30 seconds during the network event. People chose to do business with other people. Hence, while presenting in webinars, it is recommended that business personals share own thoughts and ideas. This would ensure audiences to understand and trust the services offered by the business organization.
3. Interactive webinars help in targeting audiences:
Webinars are interactive and can be used for online seminars, presentations, and question-answer sessions. Audiences can ask about the new products and services offered by the business organization. They can even add some challenging features to new products and services.
4. Publishing via webinars helps in brand awareness:
Webinars are used mainly for promoting the brand of all sorts of businesses (Small to Giant). Always maintain high-quality and up-to-date contents of the webinar. The website should draw heavy network keeping all audiences engaged at all times.
5. Affordable:
Webinars require a broadband connection, microphone, and webcam. Those using webinar interactive mode for seminars and conferences do not have to pay any overhead cost. This is because hosting webinars are low-cost compared to the Internet broadcast. Hence, webinar hosting is considered as very cost-effective.
6. Converted to documented formats:
Presentations on webinars can be converted to eBook or blog permanent formats. These can later be downloaded and read offline.
7. Can be recorded:
Webinars allow business individuals to easily record the entire sessions, presentation and more. This process is very cost-effective. Audiences can access the video and play at a later date. They can analyze and understand the video whenever it is convenient for them.
8. Make a list of leads:
New visitors have to sign-up forms of hosted webinars of the business organization. They provide sensitive and valuable data including email, contact information, job titles, and more. It is always wise to collect the information and use it to target audiences to know their needs.
9. Helps in enhancing the sales process and getting ROI faster:
All businesses thrive with continuous cash flow. Webinar aids in getting the revenue. It converts the interested audience into a new satisfied customer.
10. Used for revenue streaming:
Large scale businesses should set-up easy, cost-effective and paid webinar services. This would not only ensure members are all genuine but also, the Company would get revenue.
On witnessing those above-listed benefits of webinars in business operations, anyone can easily conclude as webinars are the most prominent aspect when it comes to business development strategy. Today’s market is flooded with numerous webinar software programs. It will be a devastating task to sort out the best webinar program according to your business need.
With the intention of helping business owners, we here listed the top webinar software programs along with its services, features, and plans.

List of Best Webinar Service Provider 2019

1. ClickMeeting
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
One of the best user-friendly Webinar software is Click Meeting which allows you to organize and manage conversations along with the automatic recording. With its organized layout and 360-degree approach to invite, remind, engage and thank participants Click Meeting is used widely for recruitment, e-learning courses, deliver online training through web conferences, etc.
ClickMeeting Services
• Prepare and Invite: You can customize address books and invitations, Webinar Timeline, Paid Webinars, Profile and registration and many others.
• Run and Interact Presentation, Facebook and YouTube Live, screen sharing, online meetings and so on….
• Analyze and Share: On-Demand Webinars, recording, storage, social media sharing, webinar attendee statistics, and many others.
a) My Webinars ($25/ Month) – Suitable for small and medium business entities, capable of handling 25 – 100 attendees
b) My Webinars Pro ($35 / Month) – For Bigger events, capable of handling 50 – 500 attendees
c) Enterprise ($165/ Month) – Offers custom scalable webinar solution, capable of handling 500 – 5000 attendees


* For Annual plans, buyers can avail 20% discounts on all those plans and by using ClickMeeting promo codes buyers can avail further discounts.



2. RingCentral
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses


RingCentral is a leading video conferencing solution with team messaging and all-in-one phone for small as well as large enterprises. Through RingCentral, an efficient and effective business can do as it provides a solution to every business with cost-effective flexible cloud communications and collaboration solutions RingCentral has been named a 2018 UCaas Leader for its services worldwide.
RingCentral Services
Cloud Phone System: All-in-one phone system operative from PC, laptop and mobile for HD audio conferencing, SMS and Fax.
Video Conferencing: HD Video, file sharing, web meetings, and chats.
Contact Centre: CRM integrations, agent management tools, channel routing, etc.
Online fax: Send and receive faxes on any device.
Features of RingCentral:
• Cloud Phone System
• Security
• Meetings and Analytics
a) Essential ($19.99 / Month) – Capable for handing up to 10 Users
b) Standard ($24.99 / Month) – Capable for handing Unlimited Users
c) Premium – ($34.99/ Month) – Capable for handing Unlimited Users
d) Ultimate – ($49.99/ Month) – Capable for handing Unlimited Users


* Buyers can avail significant discounts while using RingCentral Promo codes on checkouts at Latest Vouchers Codes.
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3. ezTalks Webinar
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
ezTalks is one of the leading Webinar service provider in the World. With its integrated HD Video and audio conferencing, content and screen sharing and remote control, ezTalks enables you to communicate with people regardless of time and place. It is an ideal solution for government, educational purposes, training, military healthcare, finance, community, etc.
ezTalks Services
Video Meetings: You can organize a 100 participant meet from anywhere.
Online Webinar: Connects 100 video participants and 10000 audiences together.
Conference Rooms: Different conference rooms for required situations – Mini rooms, Huddle rooms, Small rooms, middle rooms.
Audio calls: Make phone calls along with joining meetings.
Features of ezTalks:
• File & Screen Sharing
• Interactive Whiteboard
• Meeting Control and Instant Messaging
a) Starter (Free) – Host up to 100 Participants
b) Standard ($13 / Month) – Host up to 100 Participants
c) Pro ($39 / Month) – Host up to 200 Participants
d) Business ($65 / Month) – Host up to 300 Participants


* For Annual plans, buyers can avail 23% discounts on all those plans, use ezTalks Webinar discount codes to avail more discounts.
4. Anymeeting
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
Anymeeting is a Webinar solution provider with HD Video Broadcasting, MP4 sharing, Screen sharing, recording, survey, and registrations. Now a part of ‘Intermedia’, Anymeeting is useful for training, marketing, and broad communication purposes and a perfect solution for sales, demos, and conferences. Collaborative sessions can be organized with your clients, team members, and prospects.
Anymeeting Services
Webinars: 1000 attendees with 6 live video presenters.
Video Conferencing: Customizing meeting rooms with HD video conferencing.
Screen Sharing: Includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentation sharing with WebPages.
Mobile friendly: Join meetings on-the-go through Anymeeting mobile App.
Recording and Hosting: Records all the video conferences which you can share with someone.
Features of Anymeeting:
• Web Reports
• Screen Sharing
• Conferencing
a) Webinar Live ( $48/ Month) – Capable of handling 50 attendees
b) Webinar Pro ($128 / Month) – Capable of handling 200 attendees
c) Webinar Enterprise – ($298/ Month) – Capable of handling 1000 attendees


* Buyers can avail discounts on payouts by using Anymeeting coupon codes.
5. Zoom
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
Zoom is a leader in video communications with video and audio conferencing, chat and can host webinars from mobile, laptops and desktops. Zoom was founded in 2011 with its Headquarters at San Jose, California. It helps grow your business by bringing your team closer with various options like training rooms, huddle, executive offices, and classrooms.
Zoom Services
Meeting and Chat: Real-time messaging with HD video conferencing.
Conference Rooms: Integrated audio and video along with content sharing.
Next Generation Phone System: Cloud phone system allowing interaction anytime.
App Marketplace: Integrate other apps with Zoom to access files, generate sales and team collaboration.
Features of Zoom:
• Video Webinars
• Cloud Recording Storage
• Phone System


* Buyers can search for Zoom deals & offers to avail discounts from the webinar service provider.
a) Basic (Free) – Suitable for Personal Meeting, Handles up to 100 Participants
b) Pro ($14.99 / Month) – Suitable for Small Teams Meeting, Handles 100 Participants
c) Business ($19.99/ Month) – Suitable for Small and Medium businesses, Handles 100 Participants
d) Enterprise ($19.99/ Month) – Suitable for Large businesses, Handles up to 1000 Participants
6. GoToWebinar
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
One of the best Webinar Solutions is Got Webinar which allows you to connect from any device regardless of time and location. You can schedule a meet instantly through GoToWebinar, customize team settings as per your need, collaboration with business messages and above all Video conferencing. It allows you to save your precious time and money.
GoTowebinar Services
• Clean and clear audio for meetings.
• Scheduling meetings from anywhere, anytime –one-click meetings.
• HD Video Conferencing and Personal meeting rooms with 6 video feeds.
• Desktop and mobile connectivity options.
• Application sharing, virtual whiteboard, tools for drawing and hand over control.
Features of Gotowebinar:
• Report Generation
• Recording & Pre-recording Option
• Simple Customer Engagement
a) Starter ($19 / Month) – Allows 10 Participants
b) Pro ($29 / Month) – Allows 150 Participants
c) Plus – ($165/ Month) – Allows 250 Participants


* For Annual plans, buyers can avail 20% discounts on all those plans. Similarly, by using Goto Webinar Promo codes buyers can avail those plans for a reduced price.

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7. Skype
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
Skype is one of the most popular webinar solutions to talk, chat and collaborate. It is a part of Microsoft built for one-to-one and group conversations. Skype allows HD video calling to 50 people, messaging and chatting through a laptop, desktop and mobile app. Skype was founded in 2003 with its Headquarters at Luxembourg.
Skype Services
• HD Video calling with crystal clear audio.
• Share presentations, photos or any other thing with screen sharing.
• Call recordings to capture key decisions.
• Smart messaging for instant reaction.
• Secure your sensitive conversations in Private Conversations.
• Affordable international calling to mobiles and landlines.
Features of Skype:
• Smart Messaging
• Call Recording and Live Subtitles
• Screen Sharing and Private Conversation
a) Online plan 1 ($2/ Month)
b) Online plan 2 ($5.50 / Month)
c) Office 365 Business Essentials ($5/ Month)
d) Office 365 Business Premium ($12.50 / Month)
* Buyers can search for Skype deals to get attractive offers on Skype plans.
8. Ever Webinar
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
One of the best webinar solutions is Ever Webinar which provides on-demand Webinars. It stimulates live events through automated webinars. Launched in November 2015, it is a part of ‘Genesis digital’ with its Headquarters at La Jolla, California. Ever Webinar – the acclaimed evergreen platform used by business owners allows you to share files directly on the webinar.
Ever Webinar Services
• Automated webinars with a unique level of automation.
• Pre-made landing pages for registration.
• Seed, download and import your chat lines through live chat simulator.
• Integrate with the mailing list.
• Tracking of attendance, sign-up and purchase ratio.
• Customizing your message with Email and SMS reminder.
Features of Ever Webinar:
• Chat and Tracking Options
• Tools Integrations
• Email and SMS remainder
a) Ever Webinar ($597 One Time Free) – Suitable for all business entities. But you can have a discount of $100 and the price would end up at $497.


* Buyers can make use of the available Ever Webinar coupons to get discounts.


9. Webinar Jam
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
Webinar Jam is a perfect solution for event streaming, live casting and webinar broadcasting. Founded in November 2013, it is a part of ‘Genesis digital’ with its headquarters at La Jolla, California. You can use real-time chat with Webinar Jam which is already integrated with the system. Video sharing is an excellent feature in which you can playback multiple videos or can use a slideshow presentation.
Webinar Jam Services
• Live chat with private messages.
• Webinar Jam Live with YouTube streaming.
• PowerPoint and PDF presentation facilities.
• Virtual whiteboard where you can mark directly on the screen.
• Perfect layout with Point and Click Page Builder.
Features of Webinar Jam:
• Cross-Platform Tagging
• Automated Emails and SMS
• Campaign Control
• On-demand Webinar
• Built-In Autoresponder
• Post Event Communication
a) Webinars ($39.99/ Month) – However, users can try webinar service for just $1 for the initial 60 days.


* Buyers can avail discounts by applying valid Webinar Jam Coupon codes.


10. Get Response
Webinar Service Providers for Small & Large Businesses
Get Response is an Email solution which provides easy Email, marketing automation, and landing pages together in one platform. This platform is available in 27 languages with offices in Poland, the US, Canada, Malaysia, and Russia. Get Response is a quality online marketing solution to empower your business serving for over 15 years.
Get Response Services
• Email marketing with easy design tools and templates.
• Landing page templates for conversion, sales, and promos.
• Marketing automation with templates, tracking, and segmentation.
• Webinar Marketing solution for the increase in conversion.
• CRM giving deeper insight into the deals.
• Autoresponders for proper scheduling and getting back to business.


Features of Get Response:
• Autoresponders
• Email Intelligence
• Analytics
a) Email ($15 / Month) – Suitable for Email Marketing Beginners
b) Pro ($49 / Month) – Suitable for growth-based marketers and SMBs
c) Max – ($165/ Month) – Suitable for marketing pros with advanced needs
d) Enterprise – ($1,199 / Month) – Suitable for businesses seeking scalable and high-performance solutions
* On buying 12 months, buyers can avail 18% discounts on all those plans and for Annual plans, buyers can avail 30% discounts on all those plans. In addition, making use of GetResponse promo codes can reduce the plans price.


Webinar plays a vital role in exposing businesses online; irrespective to the business entities size (Small, Medium or Large). Apart from offering product/customer support, webinar creates customer engagement activities which literally boost business reputation. In spite of being a great tool for business development, webinars can be used as a medium for generating extra revenue streams.

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